Neo-Georgian Style New Build - South Hams

 This ambitious project started with the demolition of a run-down traditional house, which was replaced with a 550m² neo-Georgian house. It features extremely generous windows which embrace the stunning countryside.

A light-filled atrium reaches up three floors to a glazed section of roof. The central heating and hot water are part-fuelled by a woodchip burner and solar panels making this a ‘low carbon’ building with no fossil fuel heating.


  • Very high insulation value (100mm cellotex in cavities) with biomass (wood pellet) and solar water heating with no conventional heat source.
  • Drying out the building without any source of heating connected as the biomass boiler could not be commissioned until late in the project.
  • Co-ordination with Mechanical and Electrical services sub-cons and the biomass supplier/fitter. Working with the electrician on specifying the control systems.


  • Stone from the chimneystack and flagstones were salvaged from the demolished house and incorporated into the new building.
  • Non-standard roof construction requiring substantial on-site design input and good working relationship with Andy Horton of Paul Carpenter Associates (Structural Engineers).
  • Incorporating a large section green oak screen.
  • Highly insulated building with no fossil fuel heating.
  • Interface and control for biomass energy source with underfloor heating, conventional radiator system and domestic hot water.


Site manager: Jon Jones

Designer: Guilfoyle and Associates

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