Futuristic Copper-Clad Dwelling House - South Hams

Bovey Construction first encountered this landmark, riverside property as a small timber shack with quiet aspirations of greatness in the capable hands of architect Stan Bolt.

Having initially been marginally out-tendered, we were brought back in to complete the partially completed roofless structure when the original construction company went into administration.


  • Negotiating the dramatically steep, heavily-wooded plot.
  • Assuming management of the project mid-build without hand-over.
  • The creation of varying floor heights and connecting stairs in keeping with the desire to directly replicate the topography and essence of the natural landscape.
  • Achieving a quality of craftsmanship worthy of the copper sheets used to clad the exterior.


  • The successful takeover of the project and the swift implementation of effective planning and management systems.
  • Meeting the design criteria and uniqueness of a Stan Bolt project.
  • Completing a highly individual finishes package to a high standard.


Site manager: Simon Curling

Designer: Stan Bolt Architects

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