Extension and Restoration of Old Cider Barn

The complete refurbishment of this old agricultural building previously converted in the 1980’s. The project included the construction of a modest extension and solving the tanking and waterproofing issues to the ground floor/basement to make this area properly habitable.

The limited opportunity to extend the building in order to preserve the integrity of the historical aspect of the original barn and the very steep topography of the site demanded making the best use of the existing structure with the only addition a single storey extension to accommodate the relocated kitchen. This was constructed under a ‘green’ flat roof which helped ensure a low visual impact and maintained the subservience of this structure to the original historic building.


  • Working within the strict constraints of the Planning Permission
  • Waterproofing the existing basement/ground floor structure


  • Creating a green roof complete with rooflights
  • Achieving a good level of natural lighting throughout the building
  • Re-siting the stairs to allow the reconfiguration of the floor plans


Site manager: Greg Kaminsky

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