Eco-Friendly Family Home - Kingsbridge Estuary

This site-specific home blends 21st-century technology with elements of arts and crafts detailing. Impressively designed to be spacious without feeling like a village hall, the property features open-plan spaces without corridors and affords extensive views over the surrounding countryside from a long, full-height ‘barn-room’. Glazed along one side, this remarkable room was open to the roof internally creating a seven-metre high vaulted space pierced only by skylights.


  • Sloping site with limited access.
  • Achieving a consistently flawless finish with a wealth of natural materials.
  • Mating a tapered natural stone chimney with the oak structure.


  • Successfully erecting an open sling brace truss in the living area and two queen post trusses in the kitchen/dining area thus adding interest and a sense of height.
  • Solid oak flooring laid throughout the barn-room which featured exposed rafter ends, architraves, skirtings and carefully-detailed joinery throughout.
  • A very high-quality finish was achieved throughout.


Site manager: Adrian Rea

Designer: Roger Robinson Architects

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