Discreet Underground Bathroom - Dartmoor

What do you do when the house and setting are perfect but your young family has outgrown the space? For these clients, the answer was to bring in Bovey Construction, who had already built them two extensions, doubling the size of what originally was a hillside barn. The priority now was a bathroom for the children.

As building above ground level on this Dartmoor National Park property was out of the question, the only possible site within access of the children’s bedrooms, which had been tunnelled into the hill, was under the patio.


  • Convincing Dartmoor National Park that this was a sound project with no discernable impact on the beauty of the environment.
  • Underpinning the main house.
  • The considerable weight of the patio.
  • Limited headroom because of the position of the drains.
  • A roof light set flush in the patio would need to be strong and capable of letting in light, while maintaining privacy.


  • Highly efficient underpinning, thanks to an excellent working relationship with the structural engineer, which involved strengthening the underground walls with mesh between the layers.
  • Building a whisper-thin but very strong roof that not only took the weight of the patio but enabled us to achieve a standard–height ceiling in the bathroom.
  • Using tough multi-laminated, insulated glass with an opalescent layer that both allowed light to flood through into the underground bathroom and ensured privacy.


It all worked out like a dream, to a large extent because we were always made to feel part of the project. Trust was the key thing. The beauty of the relationship was the feeling that we were part of the project.”


Site manager: Terry Bulley

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