Conversion of Historic Vernacular Barn to Artists' Studios and Cottage

We undertook the complete refurbishment of this beautiful agricultural building, which had been utilised for a variety of purposes over its long life, using our skills in historic property restoration.

Under a vernacular corrugated tin roof large parts of the structure of the building were of monolithic cob construction rising from a plinth of the local stone cobbles. Constructed in part as a two storey ‘shippon’ the open fronted areas had been infilled with concrete blockwork or replaced to enclose the barn completely.

The original gables, most likely of cob had long since been replaced by a 9 inch solid red clay brick, probably of Victorian origin, but now perhaps in a repeat of the reason they were removed in the first place the brick gables were parting company with the remnant cob walls.

The client wished to reuse some materials if at all possible and this required the ingenious imagination of our historic property restoration site manager Greg who fashioned balustrades and handrails from old dairy parlour piping and ventilator grills from reclaimed oak and slate.


  • Incorporating some of the reused materials into the new works
  • Stitching the cob elements back to the Victorian brickwork


  • Using a local joiner to produce external doors and windows with locally grown and sourced timber
  • Getting the right balance to produce a comfortable and homely’ with a commercial application


Site manager: Greg Kaminski

External Architect: Scarratt and Martyn

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