Contemporary New Home Near Dartmouth

The demolition of a 1960’s house with little merit to make way for this bespoke house designed by Harrison Sutton Partnership and set into the sloping hillside of a secluded wooded valley complete with bridge and stream. The project utilised a black brick for both interior and exterior facades which was set against zinc and natural untreated timber with a suspended landing, internal and external balconies all naturally lit with floor to ceiling glass.

A ‘butterfly’ roof increased the glazed areas and the levels of natural light whilst reducing the solar gain and also created an ideal site for a solar PV array. Large openable roof lights in the central valley further increased the levels of natural light to the centre of the building and improving ventilation by the natural chimney effect.

Underfloor heating and domestic hot water powered by an air source heat pump combined with high levels of insulation, robust design and construction methods with minimal building envelope air leakage of 2.45 (against a target of 5.0) resulted in a highly energy efficient house.

Refined to the highest standard, automatic landing strip lights were fitted to illuminate the walkways to the hyper-modern bathrooms and down the oak stairs, shadow gaps were used to deliver the stark contrasts and a coloured kitchen brought a focal point to the simply toned open plan living space. The showcase of luxury materials really set this property apart and the finished home is the epitome of modern living in a rural Devon setting.


  • Very large glazing panels and multiple sliding doors
  • The expression of three principal construction materials brick, steel and timber left au natural’


  • Seamless oak panelled wall and door feature
  • The site was designed to a high spec, with high expectations


Site manager: Jon Jones

Designer: Harrison Sutton Partnership

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