Contemporary Clifftop Home with Superb Ocean Views

The complete renovation of a cliff top house with superb ocean views and the wind and weather to match.

Suffering from years of neglect with the rain and wind penetrating the building this property had been unsuccessfully ‘tinkered’ with over decades; the new owner took a far more radical approach and with the help of an excellent designer set about remodelling the property to create a wonderful modern home that would keep at bay the effects of the winter gales blowing unbroken across 2000 miles of ocean and yet provide an airy house full with natural daylight.

Creating a master bedroom and en-suite with double aspect ocean views and utilising every inch of available space including the quirky office eyrie and its occulli windows.


  • Just standing on the scaffolding in strong winds was impossible so works to the roof and external facades were under the control of the winter weather


  • Building in a robust enough fashion to keep out the excesses of the winter, and sometimes even the summer weather


Site manager: Adrian Rea

Designer: Guilfoyle Associates

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