Award-Winning Bungalow Extension - Dartmoor

The clients’ brief was two-fold. They wanted a new sunroom to the rear of his Dartmoor bungalow to extend the living space and capitalise on the stunning views, and an entrance hall to eliminate the wind tunnel to the front door.

The project required that often-sought, but hard-to-achieve, blend of modern materials and traditional skills. Behind this striking, curved expanse of steel and glass hides some of our finest work, the quality of which won us a regional Built in Quality Award and we were highly commended in the national awards.


  • Finding the central point in order to plot the curve for the exterior steel wall to the sunroom. Naturally, it was hidden deep in the kitchen.
  • Achieving a watertight join between the aluminium curtain wall of the sunroom and the existing shingle-clad wall.
  • Supporting the pitched glass and oak roof of the entrance hall without detracting from the light and airy feel.


  • Running consecutively two radically different projects to the front and rear of the houses, both achieving their objectives.
  • The garden room: building and erecting the steel matrix for the extension – successfully calculating the precise curve of both the exterior steel wall and the semi-circular roof that the architect specified – a mix of old-fashioned geometry and calculations.
  • The garden room: calculating the curve of the semi-circular roof;  mastering 21st Century materials including a Sarnifil single ply roofing membrane with chains as rainwater downpipes and a pre-formed curved aluminium fascia.
  • The entrance hall: literally plugging the gap between two gables which project beyond the front door by constructing an exterior that mimics the gables in glass and oak. Result? The elimination of the wind tunnel and a sun-filled haven.
  • The entrance hall: supporting the entrance hall roof with green oak posts, which were seated on granite stools and fixed with steel pins in pre-drilled holes, while stainless steel plates with steel pins went through the roof fixings into the posts.


“The builders did a phenomenal job and all credit to them. It looks very well indeed and has improved the property no end. True: it took longer than expected, but the weather was against us. But they started early and got on with it, creating minimal disruption.”


Site manager: Simon Curling

Designer: Michael Tyrell Architects

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