Art Deco Restoration - Salcombe

A mish-mash of architectural styles, this 1930s house had some lovely features including an elegant Art Deco balcony. Over time, its beauty had faded and was hidden by some more dominating elements including a dark, gloomy hall that was smothered in mock Tudor beams and struts which sat uneasily with Edwardian picture rails and doors. The aim, therefore, was to restore the property to its former glory…but what was this exactly?

Taking Art Deco as the starting point, the interior was completely rewritten. Ceilings were removed, walls knocked down and light wood-framed windows were installed, sending light pouring through the family home, whilst offering unobstructed views of Salcombe Bay.


  • Having to close the site for a month to clear asbestos.
  • Discovering that the roof tiles were rotten and RSJs rusted.
  • The excruciatingly difficult, steep hillside access proved good fun when there were 30 skips of rubbish to dispose of!


  • The site team remained buoyant despite the unexpected discovery of rotten roof tiles and turned the unfortunate situation into a resounding success, in rebuilding the roof they created new contours and a modified frontage that managed to look “as if it had always been there”.
  • Stripping out the first floor ceiling and adding a series of rectangular windows cut into the roof which send light pouring down the stairwells.
  • Turning four cramped rooms into a large open plan kitchen/dining area where light streams in through two large bay windows with commanding views over the spectacular Salcombe hills down to the bay.


Designer: Roger Robinson Architect

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