Domestic Landmark Properties: Bovey Prestige

Bovey Prestige

Working closely with the West country’s most visionary architects to create some of the most impressive domestic landmark properties. Because we invest heavily in our team they stay with us a long time, the average tenure for our Site managers is currently 15 years, which means they can use that experience to effectively manage our projects.


Our team are meticulous over the detail to ensure the build is of the highest quality possible. We understand the requirements of modern construction methods and robust detailing and work to ensure these are met.


Challenging designs demand robust solutions. There is no such thing as a problem. Only an obstacle to be overcome. This approach has enabled us to build some of the most complex and challenging projects over the last 30 years.

Client relationships

Working closely with our clients and their design team is essential when working on projects that will be constructed to meet their  aspirations and highly specific demands.

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