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Architects and clients trust Bovey Construction services across high-end residential new builds, refurbishment, commercial and heritage construction.

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Bovey Concept

A unique form of working that adds value to your project by bringing our practical experience to the entire process from concept to construction. A highly transparent and collaborative form of working from ‘feasibility’ through to ‘turnkey’ projects.

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Bovey Prestige

With over 30 years experience of working closely with architects and designers delivering highly bespoke, complex, new build and refurbishment projects our team have the instinctive knowledge of how to bring the most challenging designs to life.

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Bovey Historic

We understand the importance of material selection and craftsmanship when working on heritage and conservation projects. Experienced in working on Grade I and II Listed buildings we have a detailed knowledge of compliance with heritage bodies.

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Bovey Community

We apply the same principles of buildability, quality and care to our community projects. Our projects span from conversion of an old school into a community arts space through to building a community shop in a rural location.

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