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Church Remodelling

Architect: Paul Heighway
Site Manager: Jon Jones

Funded by donations from the community, local organisations and church funds, this was an incredibly delicate and sensitive project was that we were very proud to be a part of; having saved for many years, the changes were long overdue!

The remodelling of the beautiful church sought to improve accessibility, restore comfort and practicality with new seating and revolutionise the heating and lighting. All changes had to be compliant with the strict guidelines set by the relevant conservation and heritage bodies.
  • Disabled access was considerably improved through revisions to the North Door. This involved lifting the floor a few inches to its original level (pre-Victorian era) and lowering the door step.
  • The existing pews were replaced by moveable seating, ensuring that the inside space was flexible and adaptable. The pews were successfully removed, undamaged, and were subsequently sold to raise more funds.
  • A discreet whole building underfloor heating system was successfully installed.
  • Removing the existing slate floor in order to raise it before re-laying the slate undamaged, with the addition of some new like-for-like slabs.
  • Lifting the existing slate and stone floor including ancient pavements and tomb covers in order to install the underfloor heating and relaying all in the precisely mapped original positions.
  • The discovery of asbestos, undetected by the survey, hidden under some of the pavings was a significant problem needing to be resolved professionally and swiftly.
     twitter Back from a site meeting at our Bovey Tracey refurbishment project. This has been an exciting job which will look stunning when completed.