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Current Projects: Butterfly Roof House on the River Dart


The Brief

Cleverly set into the landscape, with the roof design reflecting the river valley, only a single storey will be visible from the entry façade. The entrance will be aligned with the main staircase, forming an 'architectural promenade' through the house which will give clients a sweeping view of the sky, river and landscape.

Designed to be highly sustainable, the spectacular butterfly roof will collect rainwater for re-use, whilst solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, combined with an air source heat pump, will provide heating and hot water.

The house will be constructed with a mixture of traditional blockwork to the lower ground structure, whilst the upper structure is to be constructed from highly insulated timber frame. Built into the sloping topography, this technically challenging build will work in harmony with the landscape, as if growing from it, rather than sitting on it.

Designer: Guilfoyle Architecture & Interiors

Site Manager: Simon Curling
1st May 2013
From the bottom of the site the steel frame is imposing.
  2nd May 2013
From the opposite river bank the house will sit well in the landscape.
3rd May 2013
An end view as the roof to the steel structure continues with the steep site terracing clear.
  4th June 2013
The timber roof carcass to the front wing is completed.
5th June 2013
The shore side 'wing' of the house now rising from the ground.
  20th September 2013
Three months on, and this wonderful development has really taken shape.
20th September 2013
The views are absolutely spectacular. We are certainly looking forward to glazing this frontage.
  20th September 2013
A tidy and efficient site, with everything close to hand - just what we like to see!
1st October 2013
The wing-roof is a sight to behold, and the subject of much discussion.
  28th November 2013
Pleased to see some of the scaffolding coming down - the cladding is looking great!
31st January 2014
The weather's been a bit testing of late; that said, it's weather like this that the butterfly roof will come into its own!
  31st January 2014
From this angle you can really see how the property has been designed to sit in harmony with the landscape.

     twitter Back from a site meeting at our Bovey Tracey refurbishment project. This has been an exciting job which will look stunning when completed.